Will you use Symfony 1.1 or will you wait for Symfony 1.2?

After more than a year in development, the longly awaited 1.1 version is finally out.

Many blogs wrote with positivity about this release, describing all its new features.

I’have been using Symfony 1.1 from RC1 and I noticed that all developers work is behind the scene, as Fabien say, Symfony 1.1 is a very special framework release.

Furthermore, Symfony 1.2 is on the road ( October 2008), yesterday Fabien started the 1.2 branch and showed in a blog all new symfony 1.2 planned features.

Among all new 1.2 features, the most important and the must-have is the new admin generator with new form framework support.

I will update projects to symfony 1.1 framework, using sfCompat10Plugin, but I will not use the new form subframework in my coming projects until symfony 1.2 will not be released.

Symfony 1.1 has been released, but documentation in insufficient and very poor about form subframework and new features.

I suggest developers that have to respect a project budget, to wait for a little more of documentation and to use symfony 1.1 features for investigations and studies.

This is my humble opinion.

What do you think about this?

Congratulations to the developers team.

Read more if you want to read about new symfony 1.1 features.

Best regards.
Mauro Casula.

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